Why children often frown

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Why children often frown

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  Ms. Wang of Taiyuan: Recently, I found that children often frown unconsciously, love to make faces, and cannot control themselves. Why is this?

  Connected Doctor-Chief Physician of Children’s Hospital of Shanxi Province Zou Lijie: According to the symptoms you said, your child may be twitch-dirty syndrome, and parents are advised to take their child to the pediatric department for detailed examination.

  Tourette syndrome is a primary extrapyramidal disease of the central nervous system, with multiple muscle tics and offensive language as the main manifestations.

Its clinical features are chronic, fluctuating, rapid twitching of multiple motor muscles, accompanied by involuntary vocalization and speech disturbance, and onset at the age of 2?
Between 12 years old.

  Parents should pay attention to reasonable education in daily life, pay attention to children’s psychological state, ensure a regular life, and cultivate good living habits.

However, eat spicy, cold food or exciting and irritating drinks.

Give comfort and encouragement without scolding and corporal punishment.

Do not watch nervous, thrilling, exciting television programs, it is not appropriate to watch TV, play computer and game consoles for a long time.