Is the sudden increase in cloud education traffic under the epidemic a turning point or a fleeting one?

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Is the sudden increase in cloud education traffic under the epidemic a turning point or a fleeting one?

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  Source: Reporter Zhang Min of the Securities Daily Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, education is still a difficult problem to be solved.

Against this background, online education concept stocks have attracted market attention.

According to the flush flush data, since February 3, February 26, the online education index in the A-share market has dropped from a minimum of 1619.

433 points rose to a maximum of 2618.

419 points.

  The reporter saw on the interactive platform that online education concept stocks have become the focus of investors’ attention.

In addition, according to reporters, both online education institutions and online education institutions have launched free online learning courses.

In addition, some offline education institutions also use WeChat to pull in the group mode, depending on parents and students.

  This, Xiong Bingqi, deputy dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, told reporters that objectively speaking, online education and training institutions are currently superficial.

At present, most online education institutions provide students with free online education and free drainage, which can be said to be a “free war.”

  The epidemic will eventually pass. Can online education replace mainstream offline?

  针对疫情对教育机构的影响,英孚教育在回应《证券日报》记者采访时表示:“疫情期间,众多教育机构纷纷‘转型’线上,但英孚始终认为纯线上教学不能代替传统课堂,Can only provide supplements and optimizations for offline teaching.

The Internet is not a substitute for traditional classrooms, but we firmly believe that online and offline integrated teaching can be achieved through advanced technical means, thereby improving teaching efficiency and learning results.

“The outbreak of the demand for online education business Through the development of the epidemic, offline education institutions have suspended classes and moved online.

On the interactive platform, the development of online education business of listed companies has become the focus of investor inquiries.

  Topway Information introduced that the company’s online learning center has been shortlisted for the online learning directory of the outbreak in Hubei Province, and has cooperated with Hunan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Shandong, Shanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Jilin and other provinces.

New markets are still being explored.

As of February 24, the company’s online learning center has 5.8 million registered users, more than 15 million daily visitors and more than 1 billion monthly visitors.

During the epidemic, the outbreak of online education demand will have a positive impact on the company’s overall operating income.

  Zhengyuan Wisdom introduced that the company launched the “school in” online education platform in 2016, which uses the ToB model to provide services to schools and training institutions through a combination of online live streaming and video resource on demand.

At present, Wenzhou, Lishui, Huzhou, Hangzhou and other cities in Zhejiang Province are making steady progress.

  According to Century Tianhong, the company’s online education business management idea is to use the content resources and channel resources formed by the company over the years of business operations to actively explore the development of online education products on the basis of paper book products, in a B2B2C way.Promotion, through the provision of personalized services for teachers and students to achieve the goal of teaching according to their aptitude and personalized learning.

  In addition, Witron responded to investors that the company’s online education business currently accounts for a very small proportion of the company’s business.

  Many institutions grabbed the attention of market reporters with free courses. Under the continuous support of online education, offline education institutions, especially online platforms, have launched free courses.

  The Ape Coach Air Force introduced to reporters that the company’s online education provides free live broadcast classes for elementary and middle school students nationwide.

Ape tutoring free live lessons include more than 70 comprehensive quality improvement courses such as consolidation previews, master humanities courses, etc., which extend the scope of the winter vacation to provide full support for students to strengthen their academic foundation and improve their literacy.

  EF Education introduced to reporters that according to the epidemic situation, the company complied with the guidance of existing government departments and adjusted the teaching activities accordingly: Wuhan and Hubei offline training centers have suspended classes since January 22, and offline training centers in other parts of the country haveLectures will be suspended from January 24.

Resumption of teaching time will strictly follow the specific guidance of local governments.

Cancel winter camp activities and suspend all outbound study tours and travel items from January 27.

  According to EF Education, during the epidemic, the company launched a series of free online platform learning content to the public throughout the country, including providing a nationwide public free online English learning resource for more than 2000 hours through a dedicated page on the website.

  Among the many free courses, how to effectively get the acceptance and support of parents and students has also become a focus.

  The reporter saw in a WeChat group set up by a mathematics education and training institution that the staff sent the punch-in learning content to the group every 淡水桑拿网 day, and the parents punched in the circle of friends every day to learn.

However, the reporter also saw that the so-called free online learning courses launched by some offline institutions are for students to click to learn in the form of recording and broadcasting.

  EF Education officials told reporters that for online education institutions, there are also possibilities and challenges.

During the epidemic, the number of online platform users surged. Whether technical and teaching capabilities can be sustained and meet user needs, and the quality of teaching needs to be verified.

At the same time, the rapid rise of the Internet + education, many online institutions value growth rather than experience and teaching effects. The growth caused by the epidemic should instead cause the online education institutions to 重庆耍耍网 further examine themselves, and only have a truly solid internal cultivation.It is the long-lasting way for language training institutions to take customer value as the driving force, strengthen product development and teacher training, improve customer service levels, and ultimately improve customer learning results and word of mouth.

  Where to go after the epidemic?  ”The school has introduced some measures to allow teachers to teach students cloud teaching.

In fact, there are many online education platforms now.

“A university teacher introduced it to reporters.

In its view, online education is expected to become a future development trend. Many platforms have launched a series of services such as cloud class, sign-in, interaction, and examination.

  ”However, these are all future trends.

After the epidemic, school education will return to offline.

Said the teacher.

  In response to this boom in online education, Xiong Bingqi believes that in this free marketing battle, how many institutions can persist, it remains to be seen, and the real test for online education institutions is how many users attracted by freeAfter the epidemic, they will become customers willing to pay for online education.

  ”Scoring offline education, online education has the advantage of breaking time and space constraints, and its disadvantages are also obvious. Personalization, poor interaction, and high requirements for students’ autonomous learning ability.

This is also an important reason for online education institutions to find a profit model and high customer acquisition costs.

Xiong Bingqi said.

  People from EF Education told reporters that the reason why the company always adheres to the “off-line” position with higher operating costs and less error is because long-term teaching practice results show that there is a real face-to-face communication with teachers in offline classroomsThe acquisition of social skills and cultural integration cannot be replaced online, which is more convenient for language training, especially for children with low concentration.

  Squirrel AI said in an interview with reporters: “We need to prevent a phenomenon that is the form of live recording and broadcasting such as radio and television universities and overseas MOOCs. This form has been proven to have very poor educational effects and student completion rates.Less than 5%, so it is helpless as an emergency measure, but it is by no means a long-term solution.

To provide each student with a personalized and tailored education program is the development direction.