Six bad habits cause premature skin aging

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Six bad habits cause premature skin aging

Six bad habits cause premature skin aging!

For women, skin is a symbol and symbol of youthful beauty. More and more women pay attention to beauty and skin care. In fact, in daily life, changing bad habits can protect the skin and prevent premature aging.

  Eating too vegetarian, insufficient adult intake American dietitian Diphika Agarwal says excessive pursuit of a low-fat diet can reduce skin quality.

Too strict a low-fat diet can lead to dry skin and premature skin aging.

  Aunt is an essential nutrition for maintaining healthy skin, which can keep the skin moisturized and elastic.

Important fatty acids absorbed from fish oil, eggs and vegetables are extremely important for maintaining skin health.

  Preference for sweets American nutritionist Milani Flor said that excessive sweets will inevitably lead to high blood sugar, and high blood sugar will change the horny structure and elasticity of the skin, leading to wrinkles and premature aging.

  Trace protein snacks are the best choice. Nuts and plant seeds contain healthy oils that are good for the skin.

  Love to squeeze acne Acne is usually caused by inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infections. After squeezing acne and touching the skin elsewhere, more new acne will be produced.

  Squeezing acne at will also easily leave scars, resulting in enlarged pores.

  Many people believe that the longer the mask is applied at both ends, the more the nutrients will be absorbed.

  In fact, the stay time of any mask in the whole body should not exceed 15 minutes. After the mask paper is dry, it will absorb moisture from the skin, and at the same time block the natural moisturizing ingredients in the air from contact with the skin;As a result, the pores are as airtight as entering a mask, which affects the absorption of nutrients and the normal secretion of oil, causing allergies.

  Ointments When skin care products appear pimples, erythema, molting, many ointments can be effective in the short term, but they cannot be used for a long time after the symptoms are relieved.