What foods darken the skin?

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What foods darken the skin?

Whether the skin is white or not, mainly determines the ability of melanocytes to synthesize melanin.

Among the human epidermal cells, melanin cells are distributed. It contains tyrosine, which can oxidize tyrosine into a polyol, and then undergo a series of metabolic processes in the middle to finally produce melanin.

The more melanin is produced, the darker and darker the skin is; otherwise, the skin is whiter and clearer.

  What foods darken the skin?

  Studies have shown that tyrosinase activity is closely related to copper, iron, zinc and other elements in the body.

Regularly eat foods that have tyrosine and rare elements zinc, copper, and iron, such as animal viscera, liver, kidney, crustacean clams, crabs, river snails, oysters, aquatic roe, legumes, lentils, green beans,Adzuki beans, hard-shell peanuts, walnuts, black sesame seeds, and raisins etc. have darker skin.

Therefore, people who live by the sea and fishermen who fish are darker in skin because they eat the above aquatic products.

  Which foods make certain skin white?

  Vitamin C can interrupt the process of melanin production, prevent the dopamine that has been generated from being further oxidized and reduced to dopa, and can reduce the content of serum copper oxidase and affect the activity of tyrosinase, thereby interfering with the biosynthesis of melanin.If you want to make your skin whiter, don’t prevent you from eating more vitamin C foods, such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, hawthorn, citrus and so on.

Vitamin C can reduce the skin’s melanin deposits, reduce the skin’s dark spots and freckles, and speed up the skin’s reduction and whitening. At the same time, it should not be supplemented with excessive coffee or too strong coffee, otherwise the skin will become darker easily.

  In daily life, if you regularly eat foods that are essential for melanin metabolism, or if you continue to supplement foods that enhance tyrosinase activity, the skin color is often darker.

Conversely, if you regularly take food that interrupts the metabolism of melanin, your skin will often be whiter.