Optimism is the unique health method of longevity

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Optimism is the unique health method of longevity

Lu You’s regime of health, Lu You, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, was placed at the age of 85. He is one of the rare birthday stars in ancient ancient poetry.

His life is also very rough, but why can he live longer?

This is inseparable from his unique approach to health.

Optimistic health travels to see through the world, not suffering from loss, everything can be opened, do not blame the people, not pessimistic disappointment, open-minded and generous.

When Lu You was young, he was very excited. At the age of 20, he wrote the poem of Qi Zhuangshan River: “Going to the madness of Hu, the book of the horse.”

Lu You was a member of the Ministry of Rites at the age of 30, and he was the first to be elected. He was defeated by Qin Yu as a result of different political views.

Despite his unsettled ambitions, Lu You was not depressed. He studied hard books and worked tirelessly to practice martial arts. The days of rural life were difficult, but Lu You was so proud of his sky, Shen Shen said: “Last night, the wind smashed the house, the current rainy wall.

Although I know that the firewood is expensive, I don’t waste the wild songs.

“The wind blew over the vertical of the roof, the rain drenched the entire route, and it was necessary to do a good job for the rice and salt, but it could not stop the poetry of Lu You, so let go of the throat and continue to recite . Sports Health Lu You is a mountain climber.

He is the poem of “The rice is folded in the chaos of the mountains”: “Everyone loves the mountain and sighs, but the world can be played.

The emperor’s pity is full of his wishes, and he is more resentful in the barren hills.

The south is poor in the west of Guangdong, and the horseshoe is a few days in the world.

The mountain crosses the water to cover the road, and Cui Wei can turbulence.

The spring breeze is full of peaches and plums, and the flying volley is fascinating.

But let the health and strength of the meal, Wanli only to see the mountains.

“Lu You has a special liking for 韫撮灎 (playing football).” Juvenile riding into Xianyang, like a light butterfly.

On the sidelines of the market, thousands of people watched and the swings were busy in the spring.

Lu You also likes to play chess. He said in the “Spring Festival”: “You can laugh at the mountain and say that you have to play a game of chess.”

“If there is no time to play chess during the day, Lu You will pick up the lights and fight at night:” The water is poured in the morning, and the lights are covered in the night.

“Working for health and recreation Lu You “Small Garden” poetry cloud: “Small garden tobacco is next door, sang yin and Yin yin.”

The poems of Tao Shi were not finished, and they took the rain to go to the melons.

“The village south of the village is buzzing, and the new spunlace is long and flat.”

I traveled all over the world, but I learned from the neighbors.

Lu You often does housework. His “Sweeping Poems” is very interesting: “A blade is always on the side, and there is a slap in the ground.”

It saves both the slaves and the blood.

Massage and guidance are often good and good.

It is better to sweep the ground and extend the year.

“Lu You loves to raise flowers. He has a poem:” Fang Lan moved to the forest, and why he could plant jade.

More than two clusters of fragrant lilies, the old man is still a child.

“Vegetarian health travel tour is mainly based on vegetarianism. He replaces it in “Miscellaneous Sense”: “Flesh food raises the elderly, although ancient is said.

Slim to wait for the end, how to get stuck.

Morning boiled mountains and vegetables, afternoon stone stone clean.

The seven-footed body of the servant, this thing is the tongue.

“Sui Rice” poetry cloud: “Don’t be a meaty person for many years, it is inevitable that it is extravagant.”

Songgui soft jade grain rice, dipping sauce to the silver eggplant.

“Lu You eats the most cabbage, mustard, celery, bamboo shoots, leeks, eggplant, leeks and tofu.

Fishing health and recreation is a great pleasure in life.

Lu You wrote a lot of verses for fishing, “Spring farming and autumn fishing for the old family style”, “getting tired and ploughing, taking the leisure fishing boat.””When the book is sitting on the stone, the boat is caught again.”

“, the four winds and sands to correct the light gull, the fishing bridge at the sunset bridge.

“He even fished during the day, and the moonlight night was still full of interest.”

“Sleeping tired but want to follow the book, sit for a long time and think about fishing.

“Lu You in the “Nothing in the Leisure” poem: “Flower at the end of the song to sing the spring wine, the riverside moonlight night cast.

“Lu You fishing is so intoxicated, even if he is ill, he is also tired of thinking about sickness, poetry and fish, and handcuffs.”

Lu You “eighty xixitou fishing rods”, still do not forget fishing in his later years.

Washing the feet and health Lu You wrote a “washing poem” of the funeral population: “The old man is not going to worry about farming, and the number of chickens and dolphins is not forgotten.

It’s really quick to wash your feet and go to bed.

Lu You said to his family: “Spring foot washing, sun-solidification; summer foot washing, heat can be; autumn wash feet, lungs and intestines; winter foot washing, Dantian wet burning.

“Break the feet before going to bed to stimulate the acupuncture points, you can relax the nerves, keep the blood and blood clear, enhance the body’s immunity, and achieve the effect of prolonging life.

At present, the Southern Song poet Lu You’s health care system, in fact, you will happen, his health care is also very simple, hyperactive, to maintain a happy mood, usually have plenty of time to raise flowers, this time is his secret of longevity.