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Skin care must first clear hidden inflammation

I can find a new condition on the skin every day when I look in the mirror. I hurried out of the bottles and cans, but I never get the point. Medical experts tell us that to solve the “visible” waste of skin, we need to eliminate “”Invisible” arthritis starts.


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Ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet rays, computer radiation and environmental pollution, 24 hours destroy the skin that remains ours, especially ultraviolet rays, it destroys any young and tender skin tissue and promotes rapid oxidation.

  Sniper plan: Flavonoids are antioxidants that are currently enthusiastic for beauty science research. They are commonly found in plants and their chemical structure has an ideal structure for scavenging free radicals.

According to scientific research, the total antioxidant activity and expected source of flavonoids have stronger antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E.


As we age, 70% of our skin is collagen.

It is responsible for turning the cells into tissues, making the skin plump and elastic.

With age, as fibroblasts begin to age, the amount of collagen produced decreases, so skin loss of elasticity is irresistible.

  Sniper plan: In addition to reducing sun exposure and adjusting lifespan, those beauty products that can “activate collagen self-proliferation” have also won our favor.

You know, there is enough data to show that as long as you use it continuously for 20 years, after 20 years, you must look younger than people who have not used these products!


Excess glucose is part of the body’s metabolism and excess sugar molecules stray in the blood all day.

Free sugar reacts with proteins in the body, and the protein becomes hard, brittle and brittle. This is the glycation reaction, which causes the collagen fibers to harden and the skin to lack elasticity.

  Sniper plan: Anti-glycation is the initial anti-decay of 25+ skin. At least at this time, we still have a healthy and strong collagen matrix, and it is reasonable to start anti-glycation.

Be highly vigilant about the words “sucrose, corn syrup, fructose, honey”.

  Under the combined action of the “three culprits”, the dermis produces harmful enzymes (metal proteins) that degrade. These enzymes create more pro-inflammatory factors, invade and invade cells, reduce the cell’s own defense and repair capabilities, and make the skinDeterioration and accelerated aging.

  Symptomatically eliminate your skin inflammation?

Red blood stains, stains, and enlarged pores. These skin conditions that can cause us to misunderstand are often silent burning reactions, and they are also the deepest source of aging at first.

“Red blood” (anti-redness) We used to think that red blood on two toes was caused by “sensitivity”. In fact, when we change our age, the real cause is the lack of protection of the skin on the limbs, which leads to capillaries.Blood vessels rupture and the dermis becomes inflamed.

The key to properly improving mortality-type red blood cells is to exfoliate, rehydrate, and astringent wounds.

  Exfoliating: To break the myth that red-blooded skin cannot be exfoliated, to make the skin “eat” into nutrients, you must first remove the dead skin cells.

  Improve inflammation: Choose products rich in vitamins A, C, and E to improve inflammation in the dermis.

The popular Alistin is now a dipeptide, which has a high anti-inflammatory effect, and has dual properties of anti-oxidation and anti-carbonylation.

  Strengthen protection: During the anti-inflammatory period, choose a simple moisturizer to add protection to the skin.

After the inflammation is improved, it can be used with a variety of special red blood removal products to help the skin heal.


Anti-spot analysis of skin by Shiseido revealed that the spot contains penetrating cells.

Although this very weak arthritis does not cause obvious symptoms such as redness, swelling or tingling, it is the culprit that keeps the pigment cells at the spots continuously active and forms too much melanin.

Therefore, faded spots also need to be targeted at the prostate first: alternative hormones: stop using dermatitis, equal hormone products or skin care products containing hormones. If hormone products have caused capillary dilatation, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

  Inhibition of tyrosinase: Tyrosinase in pigment cells is one of the important elements in the production of melanin.

After being stimulated by various kinds of pigment cells, more tyrosine enzymes are produced, resulting in the formation of a large amount of melanin.

For example, m-tranexamic acid, some cosmetics manufacturers have found that it can effectively improve the “chronic weak inflammation” state unique to pigmented spots, and stop the rapid production of melanin.


Anti acne experts in the T zone tell us that if the pores begin to appear after the age of 25, it is a serious phenomenon caused by age. Without control, local oil control is used to tighten the pore products andCan’t solve the problem.

  Clean and anti-inflammatory: can be added by adding cooling agents (such as: alcohol, mint) or astringents (organic acids such as: tannic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, or seaweed extract, because seaweed is rich in tannic acid, Vitamin group), can inhibit the role of anti-inflammatory convergence.  Clean up pores at night: use vitamin A acid, A alcohol, fruit acid, salicylic acid and other products to strengthen and age the metabolism of keratinocytes, perform keratin reformation, so that the skin is no longer dull, and the texture appears to be neat.

  Now the most lively word in the beauty industry is not whitening, not moisturizing, but “anti-inflammatory”!

Pigmentation, red blood, large pores . the root cause of a completely different skin problem is a chronic inflammation without symptoms.

This acute reaction that occurs in the dermis is imperceptible to the naked eye and is the culprit of aging that can be easily overlooked.

Skin aging is a process from the inside out. The surface is perfectly calm like a pool of spring water, but once it penetrates into the dermis, it is another busy scene like a battlefield: the dermal cells are constantly attacked by inflammatory factors and are tired ofIn the process of resisting lethality, cells continue to lose energy, accelerating the process of aging.