How to exercise sexy muscles that appeal to women

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How to exercise sexy muscles that appeal to women

Although the “neutral” trend has been eroding the fashion circle, men are charmingly beautiful, but a recent movie, “The 300 Warriors”, has turned back some glory for the muscular men.

This epic film is told that King Leonidas of Sparta led 300 warriors to guard the “hot spring pass” and eventually died on the battlefield.

The 300 strong men in the film are all naked, muscular, rough and powerful men. It is said that many women often watch the film with the urge to rush to the screen to embrace the “carcass”, and then severelyThe man said: See, this is the real man, you should go to the gym!

  Strong abdominal muscles Abdominal muscles should always be a pain in the heart of every man. I thought that when I was young, I was also pretty six pack muscles, but now there is only a little pile of beer belly left.

If you continue to exercise from now on, you can rejuvenate your youth.

  Recommended equipment: Sit-ups Essentials: Sit on the equipment, the abdomen and thighs are 90 degrees, the thighs and calves are 90 degrees, and the body is flying fish-shaped.

Cross your arms over your chest.

Use abdominal power to move the front away from the ground, but the lower adjacent is still close to the ground.

The action is only the compression of the abdomen, causing the spine to bend, stop for a while, and then control it with the tension of the abdominal muscles, slowly reducing the spine bone to restore it.

  Note: The position of both hands has a direct effect on the amount of pressure on the abdominal contraction.

There are generally three different placement positions: the simpler is that the two hands are naturally straight and placed on the side of the body; the medium difficulty is that the hands are folded across the chest and the most difficult is that the two hands are inserted behind the neck.

  A recent online poll of the sexy pectoral muscles showed that the male body parts that attracted the most attention from women turned out to be a part, even more than looks, arms, head, smile, and hair.

If beauty-loving men want to make you charming and charming, you have to make black hair stylish.

  Recommended equipment: Barbell bench press Essentials: Lie on your back for a period of time with your head, back, upper body, and buttocks placed close to each other, with your feet wide apart, about 30-40 cm apart, holding the barbell with both hands, covering the barbell with your thumb,The other four fingers form a full grip with the palm edge facing up.

Lift the barbell from the bench press with your arms straight, translate the barbell vertically above your collarbone, and tighten it close to the scapula.

After holding for a few seconds, slowly and smoothly control the underground low barbell until it is close to the upper position.

  Note: The back of the head and the scapula should be close to each other, and the back of the waist should always be naturally arched throughout the bench press, and the waist should not be stressed or deliberately stressed.

Keep your muscles tight during training right, and twice when you press the barbell.

Do not lock your elbows when you press the barbell to straighten your arms. This will help keep your chest muscles tight.

  Although the Spartans in “The 300 Warriors” are all naked torso, but looking at their beautiful lines, the tight side is definitely a natural hanger.

The body plays a key role in the stability of the body. During the exercise, all the lifting movements can exercise the hip muscles, tilt up, backward, and backward; but because the composition of the hip muscles is more complex, multiple methods are required.Exercise from different angles.

  Recommended equipment: Pull-up action essentials: Exercise the hips with pull-ups to increase the width of the tail.

Hold your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, lift your body so that your lower jaw exceeds the horizontal bar, and then control your body to move slowly.

Generally do 3-4 groups, each group 8-12 times.

  Note: Do not shake your body during the action, and do not lower it too fast.

The wider the grip, the more irritation fractures on both sides of the latissimus dorsi.

  The perfect biceps with a strong obese biceps should be the dream of every man, because it is a symbol of strength, and a tight arm can also give women a sense of security.

If you want to keep the sleeves of your T-shirt tight against your arms in summer, or let your girlfriend sleep comfortably against your whole body, then start exercising!

  Recommended equipment: Dumbbell curling essentials: sit on the equipment, put your arm on a cushion, it can provide protection.

Hold the dumbbell in one hand with your arms up.

The arm should be bent moderately, and the elbow joint should be slightly bent. If it is “tightened” too straight, it is easy to be injured. It can be lifted 30 to 35 times.

  Note: The final relaxation is also important, which helps the muscles to develop long lines and streamline.

Just doing dumbbell exercises, muscles and joints will be a little painful, pay attention to rest after exercise.