Changing diapers for newborn babies

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Changing diapers for newborn babies

Changing diapers for babies is a headache for most parents. We often find that when changing diapers for babies, babies can become restless and even cry.

  How to change a diaper 1.

Before and after feeding the baby, you should check whether the diaper is wet or not. The mother will use her fingers to touch the baby’s thigh to touch it.


Before changing your baby’s diaper, first place a large diaper changing pad on the lower body of the baby to prevent the baby from suddenly urinating or shit during the diaper change.Wet diapers.


Open the diaper cover. For example, if the boy puts several layers of diapers in front of the perineum, if the girl can put several layers of diapers under the buttocks to increase the moisture absorption of special parts.


If using a thin diaper, pad it with a diaper pad to increase moisture absorption.


Fold the front piece of the diaper on the baby’s belly. The length of the diaper should not exceed the belly button.


There is a difference between wiping the baby’s ass and men.

The back of the boy’s chicks, the wrinkles of the scrotum and the roots of the thighs are not easy to wipe; the girl should wipe from front to back to prevent fecal bacteria from invading the urethra and causing infection.

Girls should pay attention to clean the roots of the thighs; wipe the vulva, gently separate the labia majora, cover your fingers with a wet towel and gently wipe the dirt inside.


Check if the hook and loop on the waist fits properly. It is advisable that the mother’s two fingers can be put in tightly.

Then check whether the diaper at the root of the thigh is exposed and the elasticity is appropriate. Too loose will cause side leakage of urine.

  How to wash a diaper Before use, whether the diaper is old or new, it must be washed.

Use neutral detergents instead of softeners or bleach.

Rinse well without leaving detergent, otherwise it will reduce the diaper’s water absorption and will cause diaper rash.

Rinse diapers and let them air dry.

  Note a few questions 1.

How to prevent diaper rash Once a newborn urinates or urinates, immediately change to a clean diaper. Do not change the diaper twice. When changing the diaper, first wash the baby’s tibia with warm water and dry it, especially the skinWrinkled area.

When washing diapers, be sure to rinse off with cleanser to prevent diaper rash from skin infections.


Change your baby’s diaper several times a day. Change it about 10 times a day. If you use diapers, change it about 5 times a day.

As the baby’s urine volume increases, the frequency of urination decreases and the number of changes can be reduced.