20 basic skin care tips

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20 basic skin care tips

Speaking of skin care, most people first think of skin care products. Different functions and different brands of skin care products can list dozens of skin care products.

However, the most basic role of the skin is the “barrier effect”, and the skin itself triggers the role of protecting the body from external aggression.

  Regarding “face engineering”, it still needs to be scientific and safe to carry out. Here are 20 tips for skin care.

  1. A reasonable and healthy diet is the foundation of skin care. The vitamins required for the skin mainly rely on dietary supplements. The unreasonable diet structure is also destroying the skin.

Such as lack of vitamin C, E, easy to grow spots.

Lack of vitamin B family, easy to rough skin; lack of vitamin A, skin has poor ability to lock water.

  2, eat less sugar, than acne mask works.

If you eat too much sugar, your skin is prone to acne, dullness and yellowing.

  3, sun protection throughout the year, anti-aging than any essence.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the biggest cause of skin aging, and the intensity of ultraviolet rays will not change too much due to seasonal changes. It will cause skin aging, darkening, and injury.

  4. Washing your face is more important than applying face cream.

  5, good sleep match late cream, sleep 7-8 hours every night, the skin will become better.

Good sleep has both sleep time and sleep quality.

  6, night cool and day cream is not much different.

The production technology of skin care products has not been refined enough to distinguish between day and night, but it will not be exposed to ultraviolet light at night and the effect will be better.

  7, the biggest role of the mask is actually hydrating.

Because the skin itself has a barrier effect, the essence in the mask does not easily penetrate the skin. On the contrary, it will absorb water in the stratum corneum, and at the same time, it will add a layer of lipid film to reduce water loss.

  8. When you are pregnant, you can still use skin care products and sunscreen. Only a small amount of skin care products will be absorbed by the skin and enter the body.

The pregnancy period is the high incidence of skin spots, chloasma, and sunscreen is the most important preventive measure.

  9, hand cream is best to use after washing each hand, the effect is better at night.

  10. Adults are not suitable for using baby skin care products. Although baby skin care products are mild and not irritating, they are only single and have a strong moisturizing ability.

Easy to cause skin oily and acne.

  11. Preservative-free skin care products are almost non-existent.

Preservatives mainly degrade bacteriostatic and anti-corruption effects in skin care products. Preservatives added normally according to regulations will not cause damage to the skin.

  12, sports and beauty care are similar.

  13. Frequent replacement of pillowcases and exposure pillows can further reduce facial acne.

  14. Exfoliation should not be excessive. Excessive exfoliation will damage the skin’s protective film and easily cause skin sensitivity.

  15. Use homemade masks with caution, such as bananas, honey, potatoes, strawberries, etc., which have no effect and easily cause allergies.

  16, skin care products are not as much as possible.

Applying too much skin care products can easily lead to clogged pores and long grains.

  17, spray does not hydrate, on the contrary it will exacerbate dry skin.

After the spray is over, the rapid evaporation of water will take away the original water in the stratum corneum.

  18, the mask does not need to be done every day, 2-3 times a week is enough, too much mask will also cause skin thinning.

  19. Less makeup and make-up remover before bedtime is also a kind of skin care and cleansing.

  20. Use skin care products that are suitable for you to shape good skin. Don’t blindly pursue brands, expensive, imported skin care products.