These types of people should not use the summer solid yuan cream

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These types of people should not use the summer solid yuan cream

In the supermarket in Yangcheng, a “summer-type Guyuan cream” emerged from the pharmacy. The original basic recipe was added longan, Pingyin rose, mint, and lotus seeds. It is especially suitable for people who are easy to get angry in summer.Go to fire, nourish qi, calm down.

In this way, Chen Yan, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Fangcun Branch, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the most basic feature of the cream is tonic. If you want to clear the heat and eliminate the fire, there is no need to use the cream, and you can drink a cup of herbal tea.

The essence of his essence and Guyuan ointment is too moist, and if the spleen and stomach are not good, if you don’t take it symptomatically, it may get worse.

  Humidity is too heavy, and those with weak spleen and stomach should not use Chen Yan. In addition to Ejiao, Guyuan Cream also contains black sesame, walnut kernel and red dates, each of which has the functions of nourishing and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and intestines, and nourishing qi.

It can be seen that Guyuan cream is relatively nourishing. If it is eaten for a long time, it will be prone to indigestion, and a few abdominals will feel full.

Therefore, those with poor spleen and stomach, bloating, and loose stools should take Guyuan cream less.

If the humidity is too heavy and the spleen and stomach are weak, if the spleen and stomach are not adjusted first, the stomach will not be able to withstand the nourishment of tonic.

  In addition, all nourishing medicines are mild, and Guyuan cream is no exception. Therefore, people who are easy to get angry, often drink alcohol, and often have acne and sore are better not to take Guyuan cream.

  If she has blood clots and poor ventilation, she should be cautious. Ms. Huang is afraid of cold, dysmenorrhea, and her legs are cold during menstruation. She thought she was weak, so she went to the pharmacy to buy tonics.

The clerk told her, “You have symptoms of liver and kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, and lack of qi and blood, and you can use Guyuan cream for conditioning.

“Ms. Huang bought Guyuan cream. After taking a bite, her menstrual blood clots increased, and her dysmenorrhea became worse. Her stomach was swollen, her acne was bouncing, and she had several nosebleeds.

Hundreds of dollars of tonic bought this effect, and Miss Huang was very depressed.

  Chen Yan said that Ms. Huang had congestion, and her Qi was not smooth.

In general, Guyuan cream is not suitable for people with blood clots and poor ventilation.

  Guyuan cream is a tonic made from red dates, walnut kernels, black sesame seeds, gelatin, and rock sugar.

Among them, Ejiao is one of the main ingredients of Guyuan Ointment. It has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, nourishing blood, and stopping bleeding.Not all menstrual irregularities, yellow complexion can be adjusted with Ejiao (or Guyuan cream).

  The only thing that is clear is that Ejiao has a good convergence and fixation effect.

The ancients often used gelatin to treat women’s metrorrhagia (menstrual dripping), bleeding and more than waiting for the blood to “cannot hold”.

Guyuan cream is more suitable for people with menstrual periods and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.