[Can children eat radishes]_ children _ influence

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[Can children eat radishes]_ children _ influence

Regardless of the age of the people, radish is a very good food for the human body.

In particular, if the elderly eat more radishes, they can not only reduce the incidence of disease, but also significantly reduce the three high symptoms in the elderly.

It is precisely because of the efficacy of radish that too many parents will appropriately give their children some radish, but can children eat radish?

How old can a baby eat white radish?

Generally, you can add white radish to your baby after six months of supplementary food.

Because of how to feed the baby, because the digestive capacity of the baby at different ages will be different, so make a baby meal suitable for the baby’s age.

How to choose white radish?

Fresh white radish, white and pale in color, the surface is firm and firm.

If the front part of the white radish is straight, most of the time, the white radish is fresh. On the other hand, if the white radish has a disorderly root and whisker and many forks, it may be bran heart white radish.

Ingredients for white radish and Sydney porridge: Rice, white radish, Sydney Method: 1. Wash the rice and put it into the rice cooker; 2. Peel the Sydney and white radish, cut into small pieces, put in a cooking machine, add a small amount of boiling water, and stir into water3. Pour the stir-fried Sydney white radish into the rice cooker. If the water is not enough, add an appropriate amount of boiling water or boiling water, and add the amount of water you think is appropriate to the consistency of the porridge you want; 4. Turn on the power,Select the porridge mode.

This coriander-like porridge is suitable for babies who are not able to chew for six to eight months.

For babies around one year old, you can change the snoring step to cut Xiaoding.

White Radish Steamed Shrimp Ingredients: White Radish, Shrimp Practice: 1. Peel fresh shrimp, remove shrimp line, wash, and marinate in white vinegar for ten minutes to remove fishy smell; 2. Peel and wash white radish, cut into slices; ifThere are molding molds, you can cut the white radish slices into a flower shape; 3, put the white radish slices and shrimps in a plate, put them in a steamer, steam for 4 minutes on high heat, turn off the heat, and then stuff in the pot for 3 minutes; 4, out of the pot,Sprinkle a little chopped green onion on the plate; if it is over one year old, you can add raw soy sauce and sesame oil to taste when it is out of the pot.

White radish tofu meatball soup (suitable for babies over one year old) Ingredients: white radish, appropriate amount of meat filling, appropriate amount of tofu Method: 1. Chop fat and lean meat into thin filling, add a small amount of salt and add green onion and ginger to remove fishy; 2.Do n’t cut, add the meat filling and start kneading; 3, you must knead the meat filling and tofu, the tofu must be pinched very fine, otherwise it will be easy to loosen when pinching the round rice; 4, cut the white radish into filaments; 5, cut wellPut the shredded radish in a small pot and add cold water directly, squeeze the tofu balls one by one on the surface of the shredded radish by hand, and turn on a small fire.

6. After all the tofu meatballs have been pounded, cook on medium heat and cook for about seven or eight minutes (depending on the size of the meatballs). Sprinkle green onions and add two drops of sesame oil to the pan.