Summer health: what is the healthiest salad?

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Summer health: what is the healthiest salad?

Summer is here. Everyone likes to eat cool salads. So what is the healthiest salad?

Let’s take a look at expert comments!

  藕 “Compendium of Materia Medica” calls 藕 “spiritual root”, often eaten “pleasant.”

But the lotus root has different medicinal value when it is eaten raw and cooked.

Raw cold, Ganliang into the stomach, has the effect of cooling heat and cooling blood.

Therefore, tadpoles will be slightly simmered, eaten cold or eaten directly to cure fever diseases, clearing annoying fever, quenching thirst, appetizing, complications nose, bleeding gums.

After the lotus root is cooked, its nature changes from cool to warm, which can promote appetite, and is a good product for nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach and nourishing yin.

It contains trace elements such as iron, calcium, and animal protein, vitamins, and starch. It is also rich in content. It is more conducive to receiving when cooked. It can obviously nourish qi and blood and improve human immunity.

  Celery Celery has the functions of “sweet and clearing the stomach, clearing away heat and expelling wind, relieving the throat, improving eyesight, replenishing the blood and strengthening the spleen, relieving cough and diuretic, reducing blood pressure and sedation.”

Therefore, celery is called “the medicine in the kitchen”.

Eating celery often can increase resistance, especially in summer, people are often prone to colds and fevers, sore throats, mouth ulcers, upset and other symptoms.

Eating celery often helps to clear heat and detoxify, and eliminates illness and strengthens the body.

However, the antihypertensive effect of celery is not obvious after it is cooked. It is best to cool it, and it can save nutrients instead, thereby reducing the pressure.

Therefore, celery is very suitable for cold salad.

  Coriander coriander, coriander has heat dissipation solution, stomach and spleen, and other effects. It is a food that is warm and stomach-friendly, and can also be eaten by people with weak spleen and stomach.

Although coriander is often in the side of the side dish, its appetite and digestion ability is no less than that of many big-name entrees.

Coriander is especially suitable as a side dish of cold salad, coriander mixed with fungus, coriander mixed with tofu, coriander mixed with jellyfish, etc. It can not only increase color and taste, but also give nutritional points.

  Potatoes In fact, potatoes are also very suitable for cold salads, because you don’t have to worry about excesses in the summer when eating potatoes, it only contains 0.

1% of aunts are unmatched by all other foods.

Eating more potatoes a day can reduce your slight intake and gradually reduce the excess.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about eating single potatoes, which is harmful to your health.

The high-quality protein contained in potatoes is second to none. Whether it is nutritional value or health function, it is not under soybeans; it is other nutrients needed by the human body, such as carbohydrates, various vitamins, minerals, etc. It is more comprehensive than rice noodles.

For cold shredded potatoes, just simmer the potatoes in the water.

  Flammulina velutipes contains essential amino acids, including lysine and arginine. It has a good effect on enhancing intelligence, especially on children’s height and intellectual development. It is known as “Zengzhi mushroom”.

Even more striking is that Flammulina velutipes also contains a substance called pakulin, which enhances the body’s resistance to nucleic acids.

Eating enoki mushroom can also lower cholesterol, prevent liver diseases and gastrointestinal ulcers, and prevent disease fitness.

Flammulina velutipes has a relatively high zinc content and can also promote children’s intellectual development and brain health.

Eating Flammulina edodes in summer can supplement potassium lost by sweating and eliminate fatigue.