Shampoo prevents hair loss

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Shampoo prevents hair loss

When combing her hair, her hair dropped a lot. Just as she reached middle age, the hair on top of her head became thinner.

In fact, maintaining some proper shampooing habits can prevent hair loss.

Experts introduce 8 hair care tips to help you save fragile hair.


Wash your hair once every two or three days.

  Washing your hair too much can dry your scalp and damage your hair.

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Wash your hair once every 3 days, rub the shampoo out of the foam and apply it to your hair. Gently rub your scalp for a moment to remove excess sebum.

People with oily hair can increase the frequency of shampooing.


Brush your hair before washing your hair.

  This will not only remove the dirt between the hair, bring sebum to the hair surface, form a natural protective layer, but also prevent the hair from tangling together and causing hair loss.


Rinse with cold water after washing.

  Excessive water temperature will cause the scalp and hair to dry. It is recommended to wash your hair with warm water at about 39 ° C and rinse the hair with cold water to close the scales and protect the hair.


Don’t comb your hair when your hair is wet.

  Wet hair is fragile and is most afraid of being hurt by pulling or rubbing.

Try not to comb after washing your hair. If there are knots on the hair ends, you can use a wide-tooth comb to gently separate them, and then let the hair dry naturally.


Dry with an old cotton T-shirt.

  Use a stiff or non-absorbent towel to rub your head hard and rub your hair. You can use a clean old cotton T-shirt to pat your hair gently to absorb moisture, and then let your hair dry.


Warm wind blows scalp, cold wind blows hair.

  Hair dryers can damage hair scales and lead to dull hair. Use them sparingly.

If you need to use it, you can dry the scalp with low temperature, and then dry the hair with cold air.


Try to shed hair.

  The brittle tail is easy to cause the hair roots to loosen, leading to hair loss and hairline shifting.

Spreading the hair out allows it to grow unbound and grow naturally.


Use a silk pillowcase.

  The silk pillowcase is not easy to generate static electricity, and the surface is smooth, which can reduce the friction to the hair. It is separated from the cotton, chemical fiber and other pillowcases, and has the least damage to the hair.