How to choose the right kindergarten for your child

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How to choose the right kindergarten for your child

What kind of kindergarten to choose for children is a puzzle for many mothers.

Relevant experts suggest that children should be the starting point, and the best is the best one.

  My mother’s guess: I’m choosing a kindergarten for my son, but I still can’t decide: one is a kindergarten that is relatively close to my unit. It is bilingual and also features painting, which means that the quality of education is also good.

But the venue is small and far from home.

The other is a kindergarten in the community. It is close to home and the venue is larger, but it does n’t feel special. Which one should I choose?

People have said that children cannot be lost on the starting line. My decision today will at least affect the children’s life in the next three or four years. I am very anxious . We all know that there may be countless factors that affect the choice of kindergarten.But in the end, it is one or two important.

When choosing a kindergarten for your child, you first need to ask yourself, what do I need to do in kindergarten?

Usually the quality of kindergarten education has little to do with the venue.

A good kindergarten will be full of vibrant humanities. It is recommended that you go to the kindergarten classroom to have a look.

If the classroom facilities are low and easy for young children to put things in, although the surrounding environment is not perfect, but children’s works are displayed everywhere, then you should choose it.

In addition, there are some issues that cannot be ignored in the selection.

  Is it far from home? Although it can not be absolutely “distant kindergarten is not desirable”, distance is indeed an issue that cannot be ignored.

If it takes 3 hours a day on the road, it is better to let your child sleep for an additional hour in the morning and play an extra hour at the playground after school.

What kind of kindergarten to choose for a child just now is a puzzle for many mothers.

Relevant experts suggest that children should be the starting point, and the best is the best one.
The children in the garden will always have some kind of problems.

Once the child becomes ill in the kindergarten or other emergencies, the family can arrive quickly if they are close to home.

  Whether teacher quality is high Generally speaking, teacher quality is composed of two aspects: one is related professional standards, and the other is love, both of which are indispensable.

Usually the professional level and educational philosophy are mainly reflected in the principal, and the love is mainly conveyed by the teacher in charge of the class.

The standard of the two individuals is far more important than the reputation, performance, and hardware of the kindergarten.

  In the field observation, you can see whether the teacher can look up at the children’s eyes when communicating with the child; whether the teacher can follow the rhythm that the child accepts when organizing lessons or games; whether the teacher is scattered among the children and the brakes are timely in outdoor activitiesTake care of the children; you can also carefully observe whether the teacher can have a thoughtful smile for the child’s actions.

  Whether it is safe and hygienic does not hinder the observation of the kitchen and toilets of the kindergarten, and check their sanitary conditions; pay attention to its stairs and corners, and whether there are measures to protect the children at the corner of the table to determine the safety situation.

If there are accidents in a kindergarten that are related to the health and safety of children, it is best not to be fluent.

In particular, whether the moving facilities, such as slides and climbing frames, are clean and sturdy; or whether there are corresponding protective measures at the corners of the corridor.

  It is important that the word of mouth of the parents comes from the parents of the children in the park, and they can get information that cannot be obtained in the open day or in one or two interviews.

But don’t listen to summative, general statements, whether positive or negative, try to ask for context and hints.

A good kindergarten should have clear and written rules and regulations, from employee discipline to emergency handling, from guard systems to child leave systems.

In particular, pay attention to whether the kindergarten provides a relatively smooth communication channel for parents and the principal, and whether there is a direct and smooth way to find the responsible teacher after an emergency.