Completely wipe out strawberry noses nine minutes a day

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Completely wipe out strawberry noses nine minutes a day

The core tip: The oily skin in summer is more serious than in previous seasons, and the annoying strawberry nose has begun to appear.

Different pores have different coping styles.

The two-pronged approach to skin care and makeup makes your pore-free skin no longer a dream.

  There are so-called sebaceous glands in the pores of the skin. Since they are living glands, they are like a refinery, so oil is produced day and night to moisturize the skin. However, in hot weather, the refinery will work very vigorously, especiallyIt ‘s the sebaceous glands around the nose, which works particularly well, but making too much oil is actually annoying. Once the oil is replenished, it is easy to oxidize and dry out in the pores, and then become hard masses.A so-called strawberry nose will form.

Sebum secretion in the nose is strong, especially in summer, when the oil is mad, the pores become significantly enlarged, and serious makeup removal seems to become a daily routine in summer.

In fact, as long as you take a little care and do basic skin care and make up a little tricks, you can unknowingly beautify your nose!

  Large pores have always been a skin problem that women care about and cannot avoid, especially yellow people in Asia. Black people are more prone to large pores than substitutes.

Large pores are divided into keratinous type, pigmented type, and aging type. Only by prescribing the different types of pores with large scales can we get more results with less effort.

  Keratinous pores: Causes: incomplete cleaning, cracked pores, stress, tension, thickened keratin, and poor metabolism.

Especially knights on motorcycles or people who like to go to the sea.

  Pores: The stratum corneum is inserted into the pores and there are blackheads.

Black or off-white round acne, sometimes with acne protrusions.

  Way of improvement: strengthen exfoliation.

Use products that contain ingredients such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, enzymes, or exfoliating microcrystalline particles.

  Pigmented pores: Cause: Air pollution and ultraviolet rays can easily induce the formation of melanin pigments. The skin protects the skin by secreting melanin pigments, which gradually makes the pores darker and thicker.

  Pore condition: There are always shadows on both sides of the nose. If you look at the black dots, it looks like blackheads, but it is not blackheads. This is due to the dark pores caused by vision.

Melanin precipitation, unevenness, and dirt will also appear around the pores, and the shadow phenomenon of the pores will be aggravated.

  Improvement method: whitening for pores, in addition to whitening effect, it also has the function of regulating sebum secretion and reducing pores.

It can be supplemented with products containing vitamin C and ursin. At the same time, it is necessary to do sun protection work and pay attention to resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Aging pores: Causes: Ageing caused by UV rays.

  Pore condition: The skin is loose and the pore (sac) wall lacks collagen support.

The pores are “Y-shaped”, the pores are large (drop-shaped), and finally the pores are distributed in a line with the connection.

  Improvement method: strengthen skin firmness.

You can choose skin care products with vitamin A (A alcohol), L-C, pentavalent peptide, yeast, soy and other ingredients.

  In summer, the secretion of sebum on the face is particularly strong. When excessive oil accumulates on the surface of the hair follicles and blocks the pores, the pores will swell and the pores will become larger.

What should I do if my pores are enlarged?

The first task is of course skin care-continuous and effective skin care!

Cleansing, applying lotion, and then applying essence, easy 3 steps to help you quickly repair the terrible strawberry nose, restore the non-porous white smooth nose!

  Step 1: First wet the face with warm water with a temperature of 40 degrees, relax the pores to clean the dirt in the pores, and then rub with foam-type cleansing product until it foams, rub it back and forth on the nose, try to wash out the deep poresBlackhead dirt, then pat your face with cold water to shrink the pores.

  STEP2: Invert the frozen lotion with astringent effect on the cotton pad, and gently apply it on the nose for about 3 minutes.

  STEP3: Put the essence that shrinks the pores on the nose, insert and spread with the ring finger, and leave it for about one minute. The finger-heating can promote the absorption of essence. Tip: Do not squeeze or wipe with a brush.It causes skin inflammation and pores become smaller.

  The repair of strawberry nose may not be a day or two, but I am anxious when facing various dates. How can I save a thick and dark strawberry nose in a short time?

Whether it is dry skin or oily skin, the base makeup must prolong the long-lasting moisturization and balance the role of oil to hide the pores and make the base makeup last longer.

As long as you follow your own situation and choose the right color, and master the use of tricks, you can easily and quickly achieve the magic effect of zero pores and polishing.

  STEP1: First, apply the foundation with strong concealer with a brush, and push it away from the bridge of the nose to the position with thick pores on both sides of the nose in a row.

Before applying the foundation to the brush, remember to bounce off the remaining powder on the paper towel to avoid excessive powder and heavy makeup.

  STEP2: The foundation in the T area is slightly thinner, and the nose is pressed a few times. Do not apply it repeatedly when you apply it. Follow one direction. If you apply it repeatedly, the powder will get stuck in the pores and the pores will become obvious.

  STEP3: Use a powder puff to lightly apply the powder with a micro pearl effect. Now take a few flicks to remove the remaining powder, and then set makeup on the body to further modify the pores. Pay attention to puff in the direction of the pores.  TIPS: After a long time, the skin will be shiny and the pores will start to become obvious, so it is necessary to make up for makeup.

Generally, after three or four hours, you can use oil-absorbing tissue paper to absorb oil, spray some moisturizing water, and then gently apply makeup with powdered powder.