Spine twist yoga prevents muscle strain

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Spine twist yoga prevents muscle strain

Nowadays, many older middle-aged women often feel backache and back pain, and feel that they are exhausted before they do anything. In fact, this is partly because of the strain.

  Try the spine twist recommended by your yoga instructor.

  Exercise steps: 1. Sit on the mat with proper legs. Feel that the leg is stretching. 2. Keep the right leg contracted and the left leg bent.

  3. Turn left, put your left hand on the back of your body, hold your right foot with your right hand, exhale, slowly turn your upper body to the left, inhale, relax, and use force to increase the rotation.

Repeat the same method on the other side.

  Exercise focus: flexible spine, increase its elasticity1, fully flex the arm and thigh muscles, enhance the mobility of the shoulder, spine and hip joints, and effectively prevent muscle strain.

  2. Friends who have frequent muscle pain do not prevent them from going home to practice spine twist yoga. I believe it is a good choice for you.