Health has to say medicated diet

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Health has to say medicated diet

Medicinal diet is the product of the combination of traditional Chinese medical knowledge and culinary experience. It is a medicinal drug made by cooking and processing through medicine and food as raw materials.

It “contains medicine in food”, not only treats medicine as food, but also imparts food with medicinal properties; it has nutritional value, can prevent and cure diseases, strengthen the body, and prolong life.

Therefore, medicated diet is a special exception that combines the efficacy of medicine with the taste of food.

It can make the eater enjoy the food, and in the enjoyment, it can nourish the body, treat the disease, and medicated diet in grains, such as grain germ, malt, Huai wheat, floating wheat, etc .; in vegetables, such as amaranth, radish, Mustard, yam, lily, coriander, balsam, winter melon, pumpkin, red bean, black soybean, jack bean, lentils, etc., fruit category, such as hawthorn, ume, longan, orange, pomelo, lotus seed, almond, fig, etc.Seasonings, such as mandarin duck, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, pepper, star anise, cumin, grass fruit, etc .; more Chinese herbal medicine for animals, including snakes, domestic animals, aquatic products, wild animals, etc .;

  The Vice Chairman of the Oncology Specialty of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, Professor Weida Zheng of Beijing Weida TCM Cancer Hospital, and the Associate Dean of Academic Successor Zheng Donghai.This book introduces the exploration and improvement of traditional medicated diet theory, puts forward the concept of tumors that focus on diet, medicinal therapy, physical therapy, and cardiotherapy, and classifies medicated diet prescriptions according to the five internal organs and tumors.Disease, Yishou extension application provides a very practical reference book.

Therefore, it has a high reference value for the application of TCM clinical evidence, and it has a strong substitute for the general population, patients and their families.

  At the 2nd Chinese Medicine Popular Science High-level Forum and the “National Advanced Collective of Chinese Medicine Popularization Work” Commendation Conference, the book “Health and Medicinal Diet Collection” canceled the third prize of the first Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Popular Science Works Award, and Beijing Weida TCM Cancer HospitalObtained “National Advanced Collective of Chinese Medicine Popularization Work”.

So I solemnly recommend this book to friends who care about their health and love health, and believe that it will become a certain guiding role for your health care itself.