Take fruit as a dry food to lose weight. Be careful with diabetes.

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Take fruit as a “dry food” to lose weight. Be careful with diabetes.

Many MM will use the fruit weight loss method to lose weight, so is fruit weight loss really feasible?
Is there any misunderstanding?
Let’s take a closer look with Xiaobian!
  Mistakes in fruit weight loss: Take fruit as “dry food” Xiaohong is determined to lose weight.
A while ago, she seldom eats staple foods and cooks a lot of fruit every day to satisfy her hunger.
When I was alone at home on the weekend, I bought a cantaloupe, half a watermelon, half a papaya, three peaches and a dragon fruit in the supermarket. She watched the TV and ate fruit. In the middle, she also “sweeted” an ice cream, and did not have time to eliminate the cantaloupe.At the time, I started to go to the toilet frequently, and I had eaten my stomach.
  Comments: juice overdose care fructose urine Because the fruit is more cold, eating more easily lead to diarrhea.
In addition, there is no energy source such as starch or protein. If you eat too much fruit, it will increase the concentration of blood sugar. The brain will continue to send out the wrong information, and the high blood sugar stays in the stomach for a long time, and the damage to the stomach is also relatively large.Hyperglycemia can also cause fructoseuria (symptoms of agitation, dizziness, high blood sugar can also cause diabetes in adults), and children who love juice often suffer from this disease.
It is recommended to understand your physical condition correctly before eating melons.
People with bad spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating cold food.
  Mistakes in fruit weight loss 2: fruit + a vitamin tablet “There are people who have aspirations, things have actually become”, this is Xiao Chen’s firm belief in the way to lose weight.
After losing weight for ten years, she insisted on not eating the staple food. The breakfast was basically a fruit + a vitamin tablet.
In her words, it is through ten years of hard work that the slim figure is now.
But after seeing the doctor a few days ago, what made her happy again, the doctor warned her: If you reduce it this way, you may get cancer!
  Comments: Destruction of metabolic balance “not cost-effective” Do not eat staple food, do not eat breakfast, pinning on a certain fruit weight loss method is not scientific.
A fruit + a pill weight loss method does work, but whether it is “economical”, you have to think twice, because it will destroy the body’s overall metabolic balance.
Losing weight through diet, most of which is reduced by water, some nutrients are transported by moisture, and the toxins in the body are also taken away by water. If the body loses too much water, many parts of the body will be damaged.
Losing weight is a gradual process, it is best to ensure low calorie intake, balanced diet plus moderate exercise.
  以下具有减肥效果的水果,你不妨参考参考  柑橘幼果  100克/45卡路里柑橘中充满着帮你净化体内,苗条全身的成分,果胶等膳食纤维、维生素、钙质·铜·磷·钾·Minerals such as iron, these nutrients are particularly rich, fully regulate your endocrine, promote the function of the digestive system, nervous system, heart blood vessels, and greatly enhance the body’s metabolic power.
  Among them, pectin can inhibit the absorption of sugar, and synephrine decomposes body fat and helps burn fat.
When the fructose in the citrus enters the body, it will be quickly converted into an energy source and consumed in time, so there is no need to worry about accumulating.
  柠檬  100克/24卡路里柠檬中的柠檬酸能促进热量代谢,而且它的维生素C含量是水果中的佼佼者,美白效果好,热量又低,爱美想瘦的女性可适量食用,但避免空腹eat.
  菠萝  100克/32卡路里属于酸性水果,可以整肠和助消化,加上菠萝富含的酵素能有益体内毒素分解,促进排水,排脂,所以,那些想要减肥的女性 ,可以餐后适量食用.
  番茄  100克/35卡路里除了含有丰富的维生素C、E、K外,还富含茄红素、叶酸、类胡萝卜素、酚酸和纤维质,是最热门的保健水果之一,也被拿来As a good ingredient for women to lose weight.
  Apple 100g / 50 calories Apple is rich in pectin, can help the gastrointestinal motility, promote the excretion of toxins in the body, plus apple is rich in potassium, calories are not high, can also prevent leg edema, is also the first choice for women who are keen on losing weight.
  Banana 100g/125 calories is rich in fiber, potassium and pectin. It can effectively digest the intestines and remove the water from the body. It is an ideal diet fruit.
  Kiwi 100g/50 calories is rich in vitamin C, which prevents constipation, helps digestion and beautifies the skin. These characteristics make it the most popular beauty and body-building fruit.
  Why do some people lose weight with fruits but have no effect?
  First of all, this has a lot to do with the sugar content of a fruit: if a person consumes too much sugar, it must be converted into fat in the body. Whether the sugar comes from chocolate drinks, food or fruit, the result is the same, the difference is only in the transformation.rate.
Especially if you eat fruit after a meal, it is equivalent to eating extra sugar. This extra sugar has to be converted into fat and stored in your body.
Not only can not complete the “beauty” dream, but also may increase fat, and the increased fat is most like to join the bust and belly you care about most.
Although fruit is an important source of dietary fiber, sweet fruit has a high sugar content and therefore high calorie, and must be closely controlled to them.
This requires that the beauty-loving people who want to lose weight should be close to those low-sugar and low-calorie fruits, and alienate high-sugar and high-calorie fruits.
  Who can’t lose weight with fruit?
  Fruits also have certain food taboos, such as diarrhea, stools do not eat bananas, spleen and stomach yang deficiency, thin stools are not eaten, lung cold, thin stools do not eat Sydney, indigestion, stomach disease, eat red dates, stomach diseaseAcidic people do not eat olives, yin deficiency fires are not eating lychee, frail and sick, postpartum, exogenous cold and blood deficiency, do not eat persimmon, spleen and stomach deficiency caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction who do not eat watermelon.