[How to make burdock tomatoes]_ making method _ practice Daquan

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[How to make burdock tomatoes]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Burdock is a meat food that many people like to eat. Burdock tastes more glutinous and has a very different taste from beef.

Burdock contains high levels of protein and vitamins. Eating burdock often can improve the body’s immunity and also play a role in promoting the child’s physical development.

The common practice of burdock in your life is sirloin stewed with tomatoes.

So, what is the practice of sirloin stewed tomatoes?

Ingredients for tomato stewed burdock Ingredients Burdock 500 g Tomatoes 2 potatoes 2 carrots 1 accessory ginger 1 piece garlic 2 cloves green onion 1 segment peanut oil 15 g table salt 5 g star anise 1 cinnamon 1 segment fragrant leaf 2 slices cooking wine 10 g soy sauce 10Gram tomato sauce 10 grams of tomato stew sirloin practice 1.

Ready for raw materials 2.

Cut the burdock into pieces 3.

Put burdock into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add fragrant leaves, cinnamon, star anise, cooking wine, cook for an hour, skim the float midway, wait until the beef is cooked, remove the beef, remove the seasoning.

Potatoes and carrots cut into pieces 5.

Cut a tomato with a cross knife and blanch it in hot water for a few seconds.

Cut the tomatoes into pieces 7.

Ginger, garlic cloves cut into slices, green onions cut into segments 8.

Add the right amount of oil to the pan and heat up to 70%. Add tomatoes and stir fry.

Add ketchup and stir fry.

Add potatoes, carrots, and cooked beef, shallots, ginger, garlic, stir fry, add the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, stir fry evenly, fry for a while to achieve a full fusion of flavor11.

Add an appropriate amount of boiling water and cook until the potato soft rotten soup is thick and turn off the heat.

Ingredients: tomato, burdock, seasoning: peppercorn, aniseed, cumin, shallot, ginger, garlic, parsley, salt, sugar, pepper, Shaoji practice 1. Wash the burdock and cut into large piecesBlock 2, tomato cuts, parsley cuts, ginger slices, green onion cuts, garlic peel 3, cold water beef simmer in water.

4. Remove the bleeding foam from warm water and wash it for use. 5. Put oil in the pot after it is heated.

6, chives, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, cumin.

7, stir-fry the scent, add the parsley section to stir-fry the scent 8, add the beef chunks and stir-fry, and cook into Shao wine.

9, put the stir-fried beef into the pot and add boiling water. 10, turn on high heat and switch to low heat for 1 hour to thicken the soup (you can determine the length of time according to the burdock’s old and tender conditions and the size of the pot) 11,Add chopped tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, and sugar.

12. Stew for another 5 minutes until the tomatoes are soft and rotten out of the red oil.